Clicking above will open the documents in acrobat reader. Once open, feel free to download and complete before your visit.

Clicking above will open the documents in acrobat reader. Once open, feel free to download and complete before your visit.

Our goal at One Way Farm is to:

  • Provide temporary shelter for young people in need of temporary care.
  • When providing long-term care and placements, there are many behavior problems to overcome.
  • When teaching love by being a model of love that can be secured by ongoing patience.
  • One Way Farm Children's Home is a community-based alternative for youths that do not require institutionalization in a secure facility but needs short-term placement or temporary care, therefore, the interaction is of the utmost importance.
  • Furnish programs for children who are mentally disabled, have been abused, or have multiple disabilities creating assurance of their safety.
  • Provide an Animal Education Therapy Program for children who live at One Way Farm Children's Home.

Abused and neglected children appear to have no sense of security to help them acknowledge and resolve their emotional pain. One Way Farm Children's Home emphasizes a positive approach. Pride in self and in socially appropriate behavior is taught through an extended family unit. The staff and therapists work toward self-sufficiency for each member while using discipline, love and other positive reinforcements.

We want to help children realize there is a tomorrow, and to provide a secure environment where they can address the issues at hand. One Way Farm can begin to nurture an accepting, positive outlook and increased self-esteem, so that each child can feel "I'm okay." We believe that young people's lives and personalities are precious and worth our investment. Every young person has the right to lead a full and satisfying life. Our goal is to provide services that make this possible.

One Way Farm Children's Home can facilitate the participation in active, creative, educational and athletic experiences in order to help children form full minds and bodies. The opportunity for self-discovery enriches their lives. We believe one of our responsibilities is to provide residents with physical and academic sports, games, social recreation, nature and outdoor activities. We must also meet their medical, educational, psychological, and physical needs to prepare them for a healthy and sound adulthood.

During the summer months we plan many day trips for our children. The trips we plan are both recreational and educational. We are in need of tickets and passes to local attractions. We are in the memory-creating business, replacing bad memories with memories for the future.