Grants will provide the funds so that many children who have been abandoned, are in trouble or physically abused, or feel desperate can be saved. Sexually abused children are often quiet and withdrawn. The events of their lives have brought them to crisis, and they need special resources to help them deal with the here and now. If healing can begin here and now, they have a better chance of dealing with tomorrow's realities.

Grants will provide the funds to provide a warm and loving home, as well as meet their therapeutic and educational needs, and allow these children to begin becoming stable young adults. Also providing animals, such as a puppy, to cuddle with and tell their innermost feelings helps them to learn to express themselves to others.

We are seeking grant funders.

Current Funding Needs

In the best interest of children, we need funds toward the programs and necessary needs of our shelters to ensure that there is emergency and long-term care for children at risk. We must also meet their medical, educational, psychological, and physical needs to prepare them for a healthy and sound adulthood.

Future/Long-term Funding

Funds from private donations, corporations and foundations will compose the majority of the funding. Also, the funds raised by visitors, schools and daycare will be used in sponsoring an animal as their project, thereby providing food and other items.

The construction of the barn has been completely donated to One Way Farm Children's Home. Funds for climate control and staff will be needed as well as insurance and maintenance. Veterinarians volunteering to participate in the program and donating their time have secured the medical needs of the animals. Medicine and shots also need funding.